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Uncategorized Mar 04, 2020

We are in the early stages of producing a new video curriculum series featuring Quaden Bayles who was the "bullied boy with dwarfism" who's story went viral and touched the hearts of millions around the world.Yarraka, Quaden's mother reached out to Brooks to help her son, an Aboriginal 9-year-old, and experienced tremendous success in the development of his emotional resilience. 

The success of the resilience lessons Quaden learned inspired Yarraka and Brooks to create a classroom curriculum that could be used to help other Aboriginal children. To do this, Yarraka partnered with GENzEQ Alliance for Social & Emotional Learning to produce a video-based resource that would be made free of charge for all schools. Brooks believed that once the lessons were produced, distributed, and evaluated for effectiveness, the curriculum could spread throughout Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

The curriculum will be called “I AM ORIGINAL” and will be designed to teach the psychological skills (taught by Brooks) and the parallel ancient Aboriginal philosophy of life (taught by Quaden and his family/friends). This curriculum will serve as both a social/emotional learning curriculum as well as a cultural awareness resource for schools. The website that will house the curriculum will be and the videos will be syndicated across the SQUABBLES TV media channels.

Series Title: I AM ORIGINAL
Title Sponsor: TBD
Sponsors: Dwarfism Awareness Australia, Balunu Healing Foundation
Release Date: October 2020 (Bullying & Dwarfism Awareness Month)
Budget: $150,000
Episodes: 4
Syndication: SQUABBLES TV


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