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Resilience Speaks

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2020

Celebrity Photographers Br!an B0wen Smith and P3ggy Sirota work together on an inspiring campaign entitled Resilience Speaks: Conquering Communication Disorders. 

Portraits are taken of famous actors, artists, and musicians who have overcome the challenges that come with communication disorders related to speech-language-hearing pathologies.

This 10 part video series will be launched in conjunction with the University of Mississippi for a research study that investigates how resilience education empowers students who suffer from communication disorders and mitigates feelings of victimization when targeted for aggression. 

Series Title: Resilience Speaks: Conquering Communication Disorders
Title Sponsor: Charity Bash w/ J. & A. Camp
Release Date: May 2020 (Better Hearing & Speech Month)
Budget: $50,000
Episodes: 10
Syndication: SQUABBLES TV

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